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Jamf Pro 11 Beta is Now Available!!

Hello Jamf Nation! If you haven’t heard the news, Jamf Pro 11 is here! Featuring a new interface, ADDE, DDM software updates for iOS, and more! How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at account.jamf.com. Once enrolled...  View more

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Jamf Pro Beta Server Maintenance

Hello all! Access to the personal Beta instances you are able to request when you join the Jamf Pro Beta Program will be unavailable for an extended period of time over the coming weeks for maintenance. We'll let you know when they're back online! Th...  View more

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Netboot/Netinstall not working properly

Guys my netboot/netinstall server does not seem to be being picked up by our MacBooks which are the pre-force trackpad versions. I don't know why, I understand that netboot/netinstall may fail but the older MacBooks are simply not seeing the netboot ...  View more

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Sophos Causing Slowness on Macbook Pros with HDDs?

Our faculty have been experiencing significant performance issues on Mid 2012 Macbook Pros with HDDs this year. Logging in takes over 2 minutes, a lot of beachballing, performance when opening applications and multi-tasking is sluggish and slow, and ...  View more

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Office 2016 default Save dialog mode

We have the volume license version of Office 2016 and I've come to really hate the default Save dialog box that is just a few blank columns with no real indication of what the user is looking at and it is very confusing for them to know what to do ne...  View more

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Question on ports , firewalls and the JSS

I'm curious as to why I'm seeing both Apple's 17.x.x.x. block and our clients hitting our JSS server on tons of different ports. Most of the ports are listed as iChat, Quicktime, Facetime, GameCenter ports on Apple port list (some are not on that at ...  View more

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iOS 9 and automatic app removal

Hi everyone, With iOS 9, Apple has added the option of converting unmanaged apps to managed on supervised devices without user interaction. If I understand correctly, this will mean that the following scenario will be possible and we'll be able to se...  View more

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9.8 Self Service and OSX 10.11

Hi Folks, Just playing around with Casper 9.8 and and El Capitan GM (15A282b) and is stumbling an error. Seem to only affect the ony 10.11 I have here. Other 10.10s and iOS9 apps are fine. Self service apps fail to install with "Cannot install Item" ...  View more

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Time and date issue

We are having an issue with our time and date on our macbook,some reason the time will change to different time and date. even we push our time server and right time zone. we are using 10.10.5 OS  View more

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Multiple File Share Distibution Point

Hi All.. We need to setup multiple file share Distribution Points (DPs) per country. I would like to understand if there is a way that we can set some of DPs to fetch content from another DP that is not a master DP.Or is there a way that we have set ...  View more

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Resume downloads?

Is there a tip/trick to resume a policy if it fails during download? For example i'm pushing out the latest java 8 and a couple students have closed their laptops or disconnected from the network while downloading the file. The policy of course fails...  View more

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Importing / Exporting Apple Developer Private Keys

Hello JAMF! Slightly off topic question about importing private keys. What I'm trying to do: Import Apple Developer ID Installer Private/Public Keys My issue: Private Keys: When I'm importing my private keys, it asks for me to enter my private key pa...  View more

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Binary Path / 9.8 / System PATH Variable

We have discovered a complication related to the move of the jamf binary in 9.8. We have several scripts that run as launch daemons, which in turn run jamf commands. These commands simply use 'jamf' instead of the full path, relying on the PATH varia...  View more

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Restrict apps but add exception

We have a restriction setup to not allow 17+ apps...and now YouTube and Google Chrome are not functioning. Is it possible to add those apps as exceptions to the rule?  View more

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Connect to Server / Mount Share Script

I was looking for a way to mount our HOME share without any warnings. So through my research I began to write my own Apple Script. I wanted to share this with everyone, as I had success with it so far. It is mainly to be used on computers not connect...  View more

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El Capitan update without admin?

We are off to a pretty good start with our 1:1 this year, k-12 with K-8 iPad and 9-12 Macbook Air. Our issues have been minimal, shockingly minimal, far less issues after going 1:1 then before. That said i'm not looking forward to El Capitan dropping...  View more

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NetSUS for El Capitan

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to know if anyone knows whats the new CatalogURL to allow El Capitan updates?  View more

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Weird 802.1x issue

ok I will try and explain this as best I can. I have 802.1x profiles installed on a machine, Auto-join, pep, and certs trusted. On the local admin account I can change to whatever network I want and it will apply the profile as needed. However on a n...  View more

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Copy a .pkg file as-is to a client Mac

I have a RecoveryPartitionInstaller.pkg that I'd like to copy as-is to various Macs' /Users/Shared/ folders so that I can manually run this installer as needed. [Long story, just accept that this is what I need for right now] The problem is that when...  View more

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Not all AD users showing up in "Scope"

Am trying to make some iPad apps available to a couple of specific users. I've done this many times before, but now when I go into "Scope > Add > Users" it's only showing 506 entries when it should be about 14000. One of the users I need is in there,...  View more

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iOS 9, Casper 9.8, and Distributing Apps

I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to use 9.8 and iOS 9 to distribute Apps. We currently have Apple IDs setup for all of our shared and 1:1 iPads that are created by us, so no one has the passwords. We used to be able to push Apps through the...  View more

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Trusting Apps from a Developer IOS9

Hello, We have an external company that has created an App for our students to use. The students can download the app from a web link which installs it on their iPads. Since IOS9, apple have changed the security around apps being downloaded outside t...  View more

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