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Jamf Pro 10.46.1 Now Available

Today we are releasing a maintenance version of Jamf Pro. Jamf Pro 10.46.1 fixes the following product issues: [PI111508] Resolved a broken access control issue within an authentication implementation (CVE-2023-31224). [PI111680] Jamf Pro users who u...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.47.0 Beta 2 Is Now Available!!

Hello Jamf Nation! We're excited to announce as of Jamf Pro 10.47.0 Beta 2 in addition to the Release Notes we'll be using Jamf Engage Guides to call out new features and enhancements directly in your Jamf Pro Beta Instance! You'll find links to Beta...  View more

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Jamf Pro 10.46 - Release Notes Video

Customer Education is back again with our next Jamf Pro Release Notes video! Join us for an overview of some of the new features and enhancements that are available in Jamf Pro 10.46. We hope this resource continues to provide additional details to s...  View more

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Updates to Inbound/Outbound Traffic with Jamf Cloud

As a follow-up to a recent post regarding some additional IP address that have been included in the Outbound traffic from Jamf Cloud, below is a list of the Outbound IP Address that have been added. For a complete list, please see the “Permitting Inb...  View more

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iPad reset network settings

Hello,Is there any possibility to reset just network setting with the JSS ?Just to forget, via JSS, the Wifi configured. I don't find how to do this. Thanks for responses.Arnaud.  View more

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Firefox v39 Issues connecting to JSS

Hi All, I just updated to Firefox 39 and found that i could no longer connect to the JSS admin console. Firefox would throw the following error when trying to connect. Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to :8443. SSL recei...  View more

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Problem running QuickAdd.pkg from enroll

Greetings, I'm having a problem where on just one computer I'm unable to install QuickAdd.pkg to enroll a Mac. This Macbook Pro 2015 is running 10.10.4 and when I go to our enroll screen it downloads the pkg, I run it and at the end of the process it...  View more

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Energy Saver - Hard Disk Sleep

I would like to apply a policy to all my machines in order to deselect " Put Hard Disks to sleep when Possible" for some reason the policy failed in the middle of deployment: Executing Policy HD No Sleep...Running script HD No Sleep...Script exit cod...  View more

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Save the Mule! He needs your help!

Ok, if the subject doesn't say enough, here is a little back ground. I've created a gofundme account for MacMule in hopes he will be able to attend this years JNUC. He was informed he would not be able to go to this years JNUC due to corporate issue(...  View more

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Deploying OSX Updates

Apple just released 10.10.4 update and I'm looking for the best method to deploy this via self service. I've tried pulling the pkg from the dmg and dropping it into Casper admin, but when I deployed it to my test system it didn't installed nor did it...  View more

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Casper Remote and default SSH port

Hello, We do not use the standard port 22 for SSH on our MacBooks. I was under the impression that Casper Remote would use the default port defined by my machine but that is not the case. How can I set Casper Remote to use the correct port? Just FYI,...  View more

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Configurator v. DEP and Managed Distribution

The landscape for iOS management changes very quickly and I am dizzy. For shared devices, we use a cart-based model with configurator station and separate institutional Apple ID for each station. We have 9 separate configuration stations. We use DEP ...  View more

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10.10.4 - mDNSResponder dying?

We're starting to get reports of some machines failing to be able to connect to the internet after installing the 10.10.4 Delta update. One of the people affected is my boss, whose machine somehow started dying in the middle of our team call. sudo ki...  View more

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Patchoo - Not installing Software Updates

My patchoo has been running pretty well, I've been keeping up with the updated patchoo.sh changes - and pretty much left well enough alone. With 10.10.4, I was watching my patchoo pretty closely, it doesn't seem to be prompting for system updates. No...  View more

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update 3rd party app on app store with SUS

Hi All i've setup a SUS and push a configuration profile with branch URL to client mac. Is it possible for client to update 3rd party app from Apple Store? so far whenever client wants to update, it will go check the branch url, which containing appl...  View more

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Mac OS updates download and install automatically

Hi All how to configure a policy that require mac clients to check and download available updates automatically on JSS? currently i've setup a SUS and push a branch to all the mac client after testing the updates. what i 'm trying to do is once the b...  View more

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JDS Custom Path

Is it possible to setup a JDS as the master distribution point and change where it saves packages? The installer by default won't let you pick an internal raid drive because OS X isn't installed on it. We kept the main Volume where OS X is installed ...  View more

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Adobe Reader plugin for Safari

Is anyone else seeing this: When I view a pdf in Safari these days i get a message saying that I must accept an EULA from Adobe Reader The problem is: I've removed Adobe Reader from all machines here. Acrobat Pro has replaced it. The plug-in name rem...  View more

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OCSP/CRL affect on JDS

Trying to gather data if anyone currently has OCSP/CRL settings set to "Require if Certificate Indicates" like the image below: If so, are you seeing any trust settings with the JDS? What I'm seeing is if I configure the settings above, then when I o...  View more

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QuickAdd won't download from DMZ JSS

I have a JSS in the DMZ as a check-in point for when users are not on the internal network. I am 97% sure that if a machine attempted to enroll using https://casper.mydomain.com:8443/enroll they should be able to download the QuickAdd package no prob...  View more

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