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Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta is now available!

Hello Jamf Nation! The Jamf Pro 11.8.0 Beta Release features a number of exciting improvements and enhancements for managing your Apple devices. Starting with 11.8.0, Jamf Pro admins will be able to set a minimum OS for MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads t...  View more

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In-place upgrades

Has anybody noticed that in-place upgrades have broken? I was testing a bit yesterday and all of the sudden a package that had been working fine started telling me the installer is corrupt and needs to be downloaded from the App store. Then I tried t...  View more

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Automate Creative Cloud Packager - Auto import to JSS

Hey Folks, I am hoping just to do a little feature validation. I had this discussion on slack as well but I wanted to validate here as well. We have several different initiatives under way that I won't get in to here but one thing that has come up is...  View more

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Integrating Casper in a MaaS 360 environment

I have recently moved to a new job. They have a fair number of macs (a whole more PC's) but have not been doing anything for mobile management with them. They do use MaaS 360 to get some information but are looking at a full blown management solution...  View more

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Logic and GarageBand Content/Indexing

I've been trying to find a way to package Logic and GarageBand with all of the loops installed and indexed for each user. The apps install fine, nothing weird/crazy to deal with. I download all of the loops and extra content with both programs and ma...  View more

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Casper Focus App Focus

I have assigned sites to all the apps we are pushing out through the JSS in order to try to limit the number of apps that show up in Casper Focus for our teachers. However, all the apps still show, even if they are assigned to sites. This is a proble...  View more

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Office 2016 diable auto updates

I am facing a issue with Office 2016 package. We have a volume license package and a script to disable first login prompts & disable updates. Everything works fine till a user logs in to activate the office, as soon as user enters the credential for ...  View more

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DEP iPad cant download configuration

While JSS is working fine and some iPad are enrolling into JSS normally. On DEP iPads we are getting message. "The configuration for your iPad can not be downloaded. The configuration is not available." Any suggestions.  View more

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Checking load of smart groups on server?

I have a hosted JSS solution and I cannot currently log in to check process statistics like CPU load, but have noticed at times my JSS pauses at updating clients (ie, sending push notices), and am curious how many smart groups it would take to cause ...  View more

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Deploying El Capitan upgrade breaks JSS enrollment

(Apologies in advance if I'm not using the correct terms.) I have been deploying El Capitan to some of the Macs in my computer lab, by caching the OS first locally, and then deploying the update after it's been cached. For some reason after the updat...  View more

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Managing Unity3D

My company has several application programmers and about a dozen content producer that use Unity3D for designing iOS application and content for those applications. This means that they need to have the Unity IDE installed and maintained on their sys...  View more

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Print Server script

Any one here using VPSX Print Server. I need help if possible to convert this .vbs script to Perl.This PDDT doesn't support deployment to Mac or Linux only Windows Os. I can send a copy of the .vbs script. Thank you,  View more

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Force Casper to Push updates

Okay so I had created an apple scrip app that would force the system to check with caster and push updated by running two commands "sudo jamf manage" and "sudo JAMF policy" everythign was working fine until i upgraded my JSS to 9.82 no i get an error...  View more

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Hi, we are bringing Cherwell in as our new ITSM system, and we'd like to populate the CMDB with information from Casper. (We're doing the same with SCCM on the Windows side) There doesn't seem to be a built-in SOAP/REST/WSDL from casper that we can p...  View more

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VPP app pushed won't open or install completely

Hi... our school bought an app 3 licences... and we are trying to push those apps from the mac app store, bought from the VPP, to computers with 10.11.3. The apps gets installed, at least partially... the app is 50Mb... and only 377kb gets installed ...  View more

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Getting accounts to share an icc profile

We have an AD authenticated log in for our computers. Each month the icc profile is calibrated for the screens. The problem is we need every user that logs into a specific machine to use that specific icc profile. Is there a way to make sure every us...  View more

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Service Now Plugin for JSS

We are looking for a way to link users within ServiceNow with inventory items in our JSS and for Windows our LanDesk servers. I'm wondering if first if anyone has done this or knows of any way to link the two. Any ideas appreciated too! Thanks,Jeanni...  View more

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how to package mobileconfig

I created a config profile to enable time machine. Since most of the Macs in our environment are not MDM capable, pushing that profile is not going to serve the purpose. So I though of creating a policy that can be made available through self service...  View more

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New password requirement during enrollment.

Hi, New to JAMF. As part of enrollment to JAMF, we wanted to require a password minimum for each user on a local account since we are not binding our machines. During testing, I used a simple password (8 characters) on an existing laptop, the require...  View more

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What to delete from Composer as best practice?

Hey Everyone, we did our JAMF jumpstart some 9 months ago and just getting back into the swing of actually using it now. I have some notes that I took during the jumpstart related to what some of the recommended best practices were but between my ill...  View more

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Create the same Dock for all users

Hello, I'm pretty new to Casper so apologies if my question is simple and and I've missed the obvious. I've just started using Casper for the management of our iMacs on campus.I've created the BaseOS and the application packages that I need for the i...  View more

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JSS importerter / AutoPKG / PolicyTemplate.xml

Hello, Does anyone know the syntax that I need to use in the PolicyTemplate.xml to enable the custom trigger when importing a package into the JSS from AutoPKG? I had a cool link that I can't find with examples of the syntax for all of the import fea...  View more

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Installing BigFix via JSS

Apologize in advance for the newbie question. We have JSS 9.81 up and running in a basic kind of way, but are struggling a bit in using it to full advantage. Our first task is to use it to install BigFix on all of our Macs (ironic, I know). We're jus...  View more

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Scripting Adobe Updates

Hello All, I had a self-service action for updating Adobe use RUM (Remote Update Manager), but with 10.11 this simple script no longer works. I am now trying to create some logic to run a script from one location if on 10.11, otherwise run from the d...  View more

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