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What's new in the Jamf Pro 10.35 Release

Good morning Jamf Nation! Today we released Jamf Pro 10.35 which includes support for user deferrals for macOS Software Updates, cloud identity provider page enhancements and Bearer Authentication for Classic API. Jamf Pro Security IssuesJamf provide...  View more

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Third-Party Security Issue

Update 12/28On December 9, 2021, a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) was identified in the log4j library (https://www.lunasec.io/docs/blog/log4j-zero-day/). The log4j project released version 2.15 to address this issue. New i...  View more

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JSS Server unable to reach Apple Store

Has anyone else had this problem? Every time we try to add apps in JSS it eventually times out and says it can't find the app. We can connect to the Apple Store with no probs, just not through JSS. We've updated Java and Flash, we've added proxy info...  View more

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Print Server Migration

So after hours and hours of mapping a TON of network printers and creating polices and putting them in self service I get an email from our server systems team.... "Hey we have a new print server... Everything is migrated over.... Let us know when yo...  View more

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Adding Macs to new JSS; not enrolled in MDM

Client was having issues with some machines being enrolled and being MDM-capable, others not. We spun up a new 9.23 JSS, using the self-signed JSS CA. Everything there looks fine. Took a client with no profiles, made sure no jamf binary on it. Ran th...  View more

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Casper Suite 9.23 on Mavericks requires cc/Xcode?

Setting up a new test Casper server on OS X Mavericks for an existing client, did the Java/JCE/MySQL/create database tasks. Opened up Server.app on Mavericks, then ran the JSS 9.23 installer. We were prompted that it needed cc/to install Xcode. Never...  View more

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Script Help To Delete a Folder

I need to delete the following folder. /Library/StartupItems/ES1000Service Can someone help me out with creating a script to do this? The ones that i have tried do not seem to work. Thanks,Jim  View more

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Script Help: epoch time conversion

Hi all, Help. I'm trying to convert output from "date" command to epoch time. So far I got this: date –j –f "%a %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %Z" “Fri 3 Jan 2014 17:13:46 GMT” +"%s" date: illegal time format usage: date [-jnu] [-d dst] [-r seconds] [-t west] [-v...  View more

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Launch a Webpage from the Login Window

We want to give users an option to go to a webpage to change their password if they are expired. I want them to be able to do this from the login screen since they cannot log in. Anyone have any thoughts how to do this? Thanks in advance nation!  View more

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OWA for iPad App Configuration

We are using the OWA for iPad App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/owa-for-ipad/id659524331?mt=8 I am trying to find if anyone has had any luck with App Configuration of this app or know a resource that my know if the developer has created that abili...  View more

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"Software Distribution Report (PDF)"

(Oops, no way to edit the subject, I meant "Application Distribution Report (PDF)"...I'll create a new thread so the subject is clear)... https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=9652  View more

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iPod not enrolling with Caspar suite 9

Hello,we're running a trial environment here which works great with ios7 and OSX, but I cannot for the life of me get an iPod touch to enroll on the server through safari. We just get a blank screen. Oddly enough, if I install chrome, it'll get to th...  View more

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AppleScript partially working in 10.9.x

Hello - I am wondering why the following apple script works fine in 10.8.x via manual execution and through Self Service - but in 10.9 it only works when manually executed but not through a Self Service policy? tell application "System Preferences" r...  View more

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New Casper Deployment

I am about to begin an implementation of the Casper suite for my company. We have about 1500 OSX devices globally. Prior to our Jumpstart I am hoping to complete as much work ahead of time as possible. Aside from the standard JumpStart pre requisites...  View more

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Home Drive Syncing

As we look to deploy Macs, we want to make sure we can emulate the same options available to our users on Mac OS that they have on Windows. One of these is home drive syncing. Everyone gets a personal network share, and on our laptops, this share syn...  View more

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Mavericks via Self Service - 1st Failure

I've used the same mechanism fine on over 30 units so far but i've had my first failure this morning after running the update and selecting the HD. Log MessageFeb 6 10:26:34 mc88343 Install OS X Mavericks[12521]: Could not add SWU product Anyone seen...  View more

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Help with CURL

Hey all, I got curl to download the QuickAdd.pkg directly from the JSS's enrollment URL but when it does download, it's a 1kb file and installer bombs out. Any thoughts in my syntax? cd ~/Desktop; curl -O -k -u jssUserName:jssPassWord https://my.jss....  View more

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Set asset tag policy fails with 10.9 and 9.22

as topic states, we have been using Tlarkin's script to prompt the user to set their asset tag, but that is no longer working with our casper suite 9.22 and Mavericks. This is the script as we are currently using it: #!/bin/bash # use apple script an...  View more

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Options for VPN on iOS

The last I remember we can setup a VPN in profiles or install a VPN app/client on the iPads. However, there is no way to: force the user to only use the VPN app prevent the user from deleting the profiles Am I wrong on this?  View more

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