Best Practice Network and SUS-Settings with Home Office Computers?

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Hello everybody,

we have a common network scenario with computer clients attached to LAN, DMZ, VPN or "in the wild" internet (clients with their home internet connection and without VPN). We have a LAN Apple SUS and our JSS is in the DMZ.

How can I define Apple SUS for all clients *not* connected to LAN, DMZ or VPN? So that mobile clients connected at home with no VPN are targeting the Apple SUS?

I've created JSS-networks for LAN, DMZ and assign the local SUS as update server.

For VPN I prefer targeting the Apple SUS than the LAN (because of 15 Mbit limited bandwidth) so I'm pointing to a self created SUS in JSS ( and port 8088).

But how can I change the SUS settings (from local to apple or apple to local) for all computers that are one time in LAN, once at home, and so on?

(Using Casper 9.01)

Thanks and regards,

Yann Borg


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good question. I'd like to know this too!