Best solution to keep 3rd party apps update with Self Service

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this is mostly for third party as JAMF VPP apps will update but it’s the other apps like browsers and standard third party apps they’re not in the App Store. 

JAMF Self Service is great but having to keep on top of uploading the latest packages can be a pain. I’ve tested Brew in the past and it worked but I know installing XCode via. JAMF has been a pain.

Is there another ideal solution for assisting JAMF to deploy the latest versions of software?



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@GetCart3r If you're a Jamf Cloud customer the Jamf App Catalog (under the Mac Apps category in your JSS Console sidebar) has some options.

For many the combination of AutoPkg and AutoPkgr does the trick. If your org likes to verify packages prior to making them available to install this probably the best bet.

Installomator is a newer solution that's pretty popular.

Brew can be a security nightmare, especially if your org has standards for approved software.

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I second Installomator, been using it in conjunction with smart groups and the built in patch management in jamf to check and deploy updates monthly. 

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@AtillaTheC any resource you all can direct me to so I can build installomator 

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@light-user Installomator is a script you'd upload to Jamf Pro (click the name in this line to open the GitHub repository for it). You'll also want to review the Wiki for usage instructions: