Booting Bootcamp on External USB 3 drive after moving with Winclone 3.7

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SO i recently got the New Mac Pro (2014), I had a 2009 Mac Pro with multiple drives in it, one of which was a 250GB Bootcamp drive. I used win clone 3.7 to make an image of that bootcamp install, then formatted my external USB 3.0 drive to have a Fat partition big enough for it, restored it via win clone and I can boot into that drive and run windows fine using VMware fusion 6 however when holding the option key its not shown as a bootable drive and when i try to select it via startup manager it says the following message "The bless Tool was unable to set the current Boot disk" and i can't reboot into it.

So im kind of stumped at the moment, as this bootcamp utility says it wants to USE a windows 8 ISO only for this version of Bootcamp which ... i have zero interest in. I was wondering if i go thur the steps of it creating the partition and then just restoring my win clone image again.

Im not really sure if this would have happened if i had used the newest version of win clone 4.4 because it think something has changed with bootcamp now and has some kind of code attached to it in OSX to allow it to run, this bootcamp image is from an old install a while back. Anyone had an issue like this or an idea how i can resolve it?