Casper Admin's window positioning

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It seems Casper Admin remembers its window positions, which is ordinarily a good thing -- the Admin window is right where you left it the last time you quit the program. Unfortunately, this can cause a problem when using a laptop with a secondary screen attached.

While I had both screens active, I quit Casper Admin while the Admin window was open on the secondary screen. Later, when I was away from my desk (and only had the built-in screen available to me), I launched Casper Admin again. I got the Casper Admin menu bar, but the window was not visible to me. I eventually figured out that the Admin window would have been open on the secondary screen, but that screen was no longer available to the computer.

I tried adjusting the screen resolution; I tried using the "Detect Displays" command; I tried quitting and relaunching Casper Admin. However, I was unable to convince the Casper Admin window to appear until I reattached the secondary screen. Then I could move the Admin window back to the primary screen.

In hindsight, I suppose I could have tried using AppleScript to set the position of the window, but still -- I feel that Casper Admin should check to see if its window will be outside the screen boundary, and adjust the positioning if necessary.

I haven't checked to see whether Casper or Composer also exhibit this behavior, but if they do, well... They should also check their window position versus the available screen boundary.
Bryan K. Vines
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Good idea. QuarkXPress implemented this preference a couple of versions
On 2/15/07 3:47 PM, "Bryan Vines" <bkvines at> wrote:
back. It has a "Save Document Position" preference.

Bryan, would trashing your Casper Admin preferences have been an option for
you (in case this happens again)? Obviously not a good idea when working off
an external drive without access to the JSS.

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