Change notification description from Jamf App Catalog

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How do we change the wording pushed out by Jamf App Catalog when there are updates?



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Go to: Computers, Patch Management. Check for Chrome. Check for Enabled Patch Polices and adjust there. 

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I don't believe the App Installers feature that pushes out updates from the Jamf App Catalog currently supports modifying the notifications' text.  It may be added down the line, but it's not something they've discussed adding so far.


@user-MygFNHEclO and @McAwesome we cover the notification capability and how it will evolve in this Jamf Nation article

Thank you for this.
Why does my example say "notify" instead of "Google Chrome"?
What can I do to change this? (would setting up the config profile mentioned change this?)

We discovered an issue with how the notification engine was behaving on different versions of macOS. We believe that this has been fixed and we started including the updated notification engine with packages that we were publishing late last week. The Google Chrome 106.0.5249.61 update that have recently published should have the revised notification format and should display the app name properly across the supported macOS versions. Can you please let me know if the new Chrome update displays correctly for you.

Yes, it's displaying correctly now. Thanks.

Excellent. Thank you for confirming that this issue has been resolved.

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Hi, due to end user complaints we changed notifications from being persistent to temporary as persistent notifications required them to actually click on the notification to make it go away. Combine this with an app like Slack that sends notifications for every message.. you get the idea.
This however introduced another "problem" in the sense that apps now quit "unexpectedly".

Look at the following config profile (


This notifies the user every 2 hours and quits the app after 8 hours to install the update. Since notifications are only temporary users might miss them so the app just suddenly quits after the deadline is reached. Any suggestion how to avoid this situation without making the notifications persistent? 

Later Edit: Would it be possible to have a combination of persistent and temporary notifications? Iif you have a total of 3 notifications and then the deadline is reached and the app quits, what if the last notification is persistent also informing the user that next time the app will quit while the other notifications are temporary?

I've also noticed another strange behavior with Chrome. Today we got new Chrome version - 106.0.5249.119 and before actually quitting the app (i suspect the new version got installed already) for the update to be applied all the new tabs were giving the "Aw Snap!" error message. Once i relaunched Chrome it went away and everything was fine with one exception: the browser was no longer pinned in the Dock so I had to right click the app icon and "keep in Dock".

Thank you