Changing text in the Profiles Pref Pane

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On a managed Mac, at the bottom of the Profiles Preference pane there is a string of text: " This Mac is supervised and managed by Jamf Software."

Does anyone know if its possible to change this text? I've been looking around, and I'm not seeing anyplace to change it.

We've been getting a lot of feedback from users asking what that's about, because they do not know who Jamf Software is, and of course every questions starts as a Service Desk ticket. Some users haver actively tried removing Jamf, which causes additional issues. If we can change the text to reflect the organization name we may be able to avoid some of those issues.


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I've also been looking for a solution for this. I want to to reflect that these are managed and supervised by our Organization -- not the tool that is managing them.

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Is there any solution for this "problem"?

Jamf told me that it's a product issue (bug) in a recent version of Jamf Pro and will be fixed in a future release. Seems to only affect Big Sur machines.