Comparison of Mac Management software

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Hello guys,

I want to share the comparison I made for Jamf Pro and some various other Mac Management solutions, like Parallels, Airwatch and Centrify, in terms of features they provide and support.
This comparison served us to highlight the benefits of Jamf and to ultimately choose Jamf over other solutions.

The feature list has been imported from the official Jamf site and all solutions have been compared to these.

Please keep in mind that not all of the information will be 100% correct and that there could be mistakes or faults. If you have any comments or changes you want to add, please feel free to add them into the comparison table directly, I will check them afterwards and adapt them.

Find the comparison here:
Comparison: Mac Management software
Update: 20/12/19: Now editable by everyone!

Hope this can help some you and will be useful for some of you!
(I'm relatively new to this community, so if you have some tips or improvements for me, please feel free to tell me, thanks!)


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Could someone create Tabs for macOS and iOS and compare the MDMs?

We are currently trying to convince my higher ups the increased cost in jamf is worth it for iOS compared to Intune


Would really like to see Mosyle on there, surprised it isn't yet. I don't know enough about it to add, but we're definitely eyeballing moving that way.

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Any chance someone could update this with information about Mosyle and kandji?