Compile Install OSX Mavericks.installESD.dmg

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OK working now

Delete me


Contributor II specifically states not to compile the InstallESD inside the .app bundle.

Are you seeing any issues when using this? What about the restore partition?

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Yea weird issue can't seem to get 10.9 to compile an image on a SMB share, Have tried 2 different installs of 9.2 and differnt shares now... Works fine on an AFP share though... Just switched to a AFP primary dp to compile my image..

Also can't seem to get ongoing login .sh shell scripts to run from a AFP share they always fail with a 127 error but they work every time from a SMB distribution point... Maybe I should report some of my issues and findings..

No issues with Recovery partition or drivers works mint exactly how I want it to with Deploy Studio. We won't go to Casper imaging as it takes far longer to net boot and its defiantly not as fast. We need to quickly deploy 1200 macs in 2 weeks 1 time per year.