Computers being renamed (possibly a Catalina patch gone rogue?)

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I thought I had seen something about this somewhere but I'm not finding anything in my searching this morning. We've noticed a couple dozen of our Catalina Macs have spontaneously renamed themselves to "MacBook Pro". Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas as to exactly what is causing it or how to fix it? I thought I had heard there was an offending security update to 10.15.4 or something but like I said, I'm not finding anything now.


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I noticed that the other day! I believe if was the supplemental 10.15.5 update because the MacBooks I was dealing with already had 10.15.5. I had debated raising a ticket, but wasn't really worth it at the time.

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Yes, there have been some blog posts about it. Here is the first one I found:

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I've been seeing this too. Interesting that it doesn't appear to happen if you are starting with an earlier macOS like 10.15.3, only the 'deltas'.

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I have seen this occur on some .4 and .5 updates. not all devices, some. Either because the reoccurring hostname update takes place or they were enrolled with 10.15.5