Configuration Profile not loading on Prestage Enrollment

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Hey guys,

So recently we have purchased some new MacBooks. Instead of opening them up we would like to do Zero Touch Deployment on them. I'm new to this

What I've managed to do so for is set up Prestage MDM Installation during initial setup. Unfortunately during this set up we have an issue.

1) During the MDM installation, most of the configuration profiles get installed, apart from ONE. This is the Wifi Profile. On our prestage enrollment tab the option to allow the WiFi profile to be installed during the MDM Installation is ticked, but we are unable to get it to load during. We have set the scope to all users and all computers


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Is there an error showing up under the Management Commands section of the Management tab for these devices? I think that would be the best place to start troubleshooting. The errors aren't always the most descriptive, but they're a good indicator of what the problem might be.