Configuration Profiles 10.8.2 Casper 8.62 - Broken?

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Relatively new to Casper/JSS my workplace has decided to go Apple Mac so were currently setting up or JSS to handle 700 Apple Macbook Pro's and 200 iPads.

We are seeing some odd behaviour, with a freshly imaged macbook 10.8.2 joined to AD the first network user to log in does not get user configuration profiles but does get device configuration profiles. The second user who logs on does get device configuration profiles and only gets user config profiles when the network scope is set to any ip address. (seems hit and miss).

The user configuration profiles we're pushing out are network smb mounts. I have scoped these to a smart group of 10.8.* machines, a certain AD group the user belongs to and scoped it out only to my my works ip network segments(so when a user goes home they dont try and mount network shares). We have noticed if we set a network segment to my workplace network range on a user config profile, no one gets it. It's not until we tick all ip addresses and unscope our specified network segments do some users start to get user config profiles.(only then it seems to be hit and miss and a few restarts, re-enrolling, etc can we get it to work).

The other issue im seeing is when we send a remote lock command to a macbook its takes 30 mins before it reachers and locks the device.

So my questions is, Are configuration Profiles Broken in 8.62 with 10.8.2?


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Just attempted scoping a similar CF and no dice here either. Not sure if each of the CF scoping parameters here are cumulative or exclusive. Anyone know?

For what it is worth we've also seen inconsistent results with wireless-AD configuration profiles. Particularly when they attempt to auth off our AD and mount the user's home share into the Dock (default behavior).

Using dsconfigad we now strip out the user's home folder from attempting to mount at login (in Dock), placing instead just a shortcut to the user's home share location. This works much better. My suspicion is that the timing of the standard passthrough of credentials over wireless to AD and mounting home share is simply too many variables for our setup to ensure. Works 100% over Ethernet, but only about 50% of the time over wireless.


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Hi Clif

Thanks for the reply.

I have heard on the grape vine that this is indeed broken, if user config profiles existed prior to the update of 8.62 they will work but any new ones created in 8.62 will not work. Jamf are aware but im not sure when this will be fixed(version 9 maybe?).

In the meantime i shall try and find a work around for mounting 2 network shares to present to the end users somehow. If you could assist in away possible on how to achieve this i would greatly appreciate it.

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Same here. We upgraded to JSS 8.62 and CANNOT get new Config Profiles to push out. Very disappointed.

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JAMF is indeed aware of the Configuration Profile issues with 8.62. They don't have a fix yet... I really hope they get a fix in place with v9.0. I posted a workaround (not a very pretty one, but one that works) to create and distribute a configuration profile for Dock items:

Hope this helps until a fix comes out...


Hi all,

Just a note to add to this great discussion that you have going on here. In version 8.62 of the Casper Suite we do have an issue filed under D-003214 where Dock Applications are not present in Configuration Profile. As to any other user level Configuration Profile we should be seeing that if they are created they will apply only at login. So we require login hooks in order to push user level profiles. If you are seeing issues where you have all of the requirements in place please reach out to your Account Team which can be found by going to My Assets>>My Account Team or by emailing


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We are having the same issue with configuration profiles not applying under 10.8.2

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same thing with 10.8.3 & 8.64

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Profiles seems to work for me on my wired network but not my wireless network. They run through the same VLAN so I don't understand what would cause the profiles not to run on the wireless network. Use Profile For Computers With Any IP Address is checked.

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Are you running 8.6.x or 8.71? Did this always work or just recently broken? Is the Internet connection proxied? I've found the most recent version to have addressed a TON of bugs/issues at a number of clients. Have made it a point to ask them to update and it's cleaned up a ton of things...