Configuration Profiles stuck at "pending" for most computers

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We recently upgraded our clients to OSX 10.10.4 and have begun using Configuration Profiles to apply a few settings that we previously used Managed Preferences for.

Both the profiles I've created are computer level, one has a custom payload to disable reopening of windows at restart and the other has some modifications related to gatekeeper and the lock screen.

I have both profiles scoped out to 93 machines, but only the same 4 machines have received the profiles. The other 89 are stuck at "pending." They've been like that for days.

I pushed out a new Quick Add package to update the framework on the clients the other day, but that didn't help.

We just upgraded to Casper 9.73, but these weren't working under the previous version either (9.62).

Any ideas about what to do next would be much appreciated.

  • Chris

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Anything in the JSS logs?

We saw this recently, port 2195 was blocked in the firewall on the Windows 2k8 Server VM that hosts our JSS.