Configurator 2 - Unable to skip EULA during iPad Prepare?

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Is anyone aware of how you can automatically accept the iPad EULA when preparing iPads. There are check boxes to skip every single set up wizard screen within Configurator 2 except this one?

Having to manually accept this on hundreds of devices simply isn't acceptable.

I'd also like to skip the completely redundant "Get started" screen if possible.


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@jevans76 don't you run through the setup on one iPad and then take a image of that, then all other devices whit that image selected then skip the EULA, been a while since I played with configurator 1 and never really played with 2, but this is how I used to do it.

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I dont believe there is a way to in Configurator, but with JAMF you should be able to skip it by providing an empty EULA when users enroll devices, if you care to go that route for the management of your iPads.