Consistent Adobe CC (xxxx) behaviour in multiuser environment

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Hi All,
At our university we try to distribute selected initial user Photoshop preferences to all students that log onto our student color managed lab machines.
This is to set up the Adobe CC suite color-settings (and a few others) to our color managed lab’s preferred settings.

Every year its a challenge with a new OS and new version of Adobe CC to do. But this year we have been finding Adobe Photoshop CC2018 particularly troublesome to set initial user perfs that work, without creating 'show-stopper' bugs. A request has been posted on Adobe's feedback forum requesting their help to consider improving the ability of Adobe CC (xxxx) to be set to deliver a consistent experience when in a university muti-user environment setting.

If you would like to help with this request, could you kindly ‘vote' your support for this at the link below.
Or add your thoughts (support or otherwise) to this Adobe feedback post.


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I'd definitely like them to support a standard preference system like most macOS Apps nowadays (and be able to manage them via profiles?!) but I don't think it'll be anytime soon.


Oh and by the way @Adminham, your link text above is fine, but it actually links back to this post rather than the text URL.