Crodwstrike mobile to iOS with JAMF Pro

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Hello everyone,

We are trying to get the Crowdstrike mobile rollout working on iOS and ran into issues.

The deployment itself will be handled outside of JAMF via the Crowdstrike managed self enrollment feature and worked without issues in our testing. As expected we are getting 'waiting for corporate policy' without a matching configuration via JAMF.

This is where our problem is. The support documentation doesn't cover JAMF. Has anyone here successfully done this using JAMF?

The documentation outlines two different paths. One 'supervised' via a plugin and one 'unsupervised' via a 'per app VPN profile'.

Our preference would be the supvervised path but we don't even know where to start with this in JAMF? Any takers?

The other option is setting up the VPN payload but in this case JAMF has options that aren't covered in the support documentation. Anyone mind sharing their settings?


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Wanted to post in case someone else stumbles upon this tread like I did this afternoon. I was able to deploy without much trouble to supervised iPhones by following CrowdStrike's docs and using managed distribution for the App. The App wasn't working right until we added the configuration profile, so it is better to roll that out first and then either push the install with managed distribution or make available in Self Service.