deactivate guest mode on shared iPads

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Hi, since iOS 13.4 there is the option to log in as a guest user. We don't want our users to log in as guests.
Is there a way to disable this option? We haven't found anything in the PreStage Enrollments or Configuration Profiles.


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Apple refers to it as a "Temporary Session" in documentation. You can disable it with a Restrictions profile:

Restrictions -> Functionality -> Shared iPad (device) Temporary Session -> Restrict

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Thanks for the fast help! Haven't seen this before :)

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Hi, I can't find this option in current Jamf. Hast it moved?

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I just checked in 10.23 and it still there.


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In my case, I want only the Guest account to show and not the managed apple id login. We plan to do these for checkout or KIOSK iPads so that the data wipes at logout for the next user. I have not found a solution for this. Guest account shows in the lower right hand corner and it would be great if it appeared in the center of the screen, to make it obvious. Can a restriction be placed to restrict Apple ID login? Spitballing here....

We are higher education and have not implemented managed apple ids, other than some test individuals. Migrations to that will be problematic due to users who already have personal Apple IDs set up with there institutional email addresses.

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Did you ever get any kind of response/solution to this?  I'm dealing with the same situation.