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Hello Everyone,

Im a very new JAMF user and ive been designated as the JAMF admin for my workplace. What im currently trying to do is to organize our devices (mostly ipads) we have on JAMF. Many of the devices have odd names and no building, department or any other labels. This makes it difficult to know who has the ipad and what it is being used for. I tried to send a lock screen message to all ipads for them to email me certain information but the message is very small at the bottom of the screen so I know no one is really going to see it. 

I was wondering if anyone had any idea on how I could reach the people with the ipads so I can get the information I need from them. Could I make the message on the lock screen bigger some how? Could I send a notification? any help would be greatly appreciated.



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One way you could do it would be to put the iPad into Lost Mode with your phone number and a message. Once they call you and give you the information you need, you can then take the iPad out of Lost Mode. This is a bit drastic, but it's proven effective when we've used it. 

Kimberly Trojanowski

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Could you create a Smart Group or Static Group of these devices? Once they are in a group/s, you could send an email to these users if you have SMTP setup in your Jamf.

You could also send an MDM Self-Service Notification to these Smart and Static Groups.


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