Device Ownership Type for OS X in JSS

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It would be great if Casper could help us manage and enrol different ownership types. Ownership Type becomes a static field or group that is updated as machines enrol.

Enrolment example:
- Enrol device
- Choose ownership type (Institutional, Personal, Guest etc. - Have JSS option to add custom ownership types)
- Display appropriate User Agreement
- Login using AD credentials
- Upon enrolment completion, device ownership type is set

- User can have multiple devices enrolled with varying ownership types
- JSS can be built to support SOE, BYOD, Hybrid/MOE
- JSS could allow for expiring guest enrolments
- Policies/Configs can be be machine based, user based, ownership based.

I've played out different scenarios in my mind, and this seems like it could work and be added into Casper 9.x without too much fuss. This would satisfy my requirements for BYOD and would not require machines be bound to AD. Would be happy to hear if anyone has any suggestions to the above enrolment process.


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Sorry wanted this as a feature request. Please delete this post? :)