Dockutil and concurrent versions of Adobe Illustrator

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is dealing with multiple version of Illustrator, as here both CS6 and CC2015 Illustrator paths refer to the actual app as "Adobe", so Dockutil gives an error when trying to add both to the dock
I am not so sure manually changing the name of one of the two "Adobe" is a good idea

/usr/local/bin/dockutil --add '/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS6/Adobe'
Adobe Illustrator already exists in dock. Use --replacing 'Adobe Illustrator' to update an existing item
item /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS6/Adobe was not added to Dock

Many thanks for your suggestions!


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I've run into the same issue with Office 2011 and Office 2016. dockutil can't add the new icons to the Dock if the older ones are there. It complains that you need to use the --replace flag, since it just sees items like "Microsoft Word" in the Dock and not the path to where they came from.
I'm not sure if there's a good way around that. You might have to use some other method like using Casper's built in Dock icon deployment to take care of the additional icons.

In my case, I'm just using a replace flag if dockutil sees an existing Office 2011 icon it will replace it with the newer one, just in the Dock. I figure our users will want to use the new versions anyway initially, though we may decide to remove the older versions at the same time.

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Hello and thanks for your reply
I have found a workaround until I have to keep the two versions available in the dock
Using an Applescript (saved as "Adobe Illustrator" as compiled .app in /Applications) that calls one of the two concurrent Illustrator versions

do shell script "open -a '/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS6/Adobe'"

I then changed the icon of the applet so that in the dock it looks like original Illustrator CS6 app :-)
This way I can give Dockutil a slightly different app name to point to
The only drawback is that when the actual Illustrator CS6 is being opened, there are two equal icons in the dock.

EDIT: obviously, I'll also have to distribute the compiled AppleScript to /Applications on the clients

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I don't have this issue with dockutil. Try adding a label, e.g.:

dockutil --add "/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2014/Adobe" --label "Adobe Illustrator CC 2014" --allhomes

I can even specify putting it next to an older Illustrator. This will only work if you already have a label for Illustrator with the appropriate name.

dockutil --add "/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC 2014/Adobe" --label "Adobe Illustrator CC 2014" --after "Adobe Illustrator CS5.1"  --allhomes