Doing an in-place OS Upgrade. Package asking for Apple ID

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Hey there everyone- I am having a really strange issue. I'm doing upgrades of our Yosemite stragglers up to El Capitan, as we are not Sierra Ready by a long shot.

I'm following the KB for deploying an OS Upgrade through Self Service, and in my testing on the same machine, I have gotten about 2-3 successes, and this last time it prompted me for an Apple ID and password.

We obviously cannot have that happen, as some of these users may not have an Apple ID associated with El Cap., and some of them are remote, so that could be more pain that I would like to avoid.

The one thing that I did differently this last time was to, instead of having Jamf Binary reboot the computer through the restart settings, I told it not to reboot, but issued a reboot from the client OS itself.

Has anyone else run into a similar issue like this?


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Hey @rbingham917, hope all is well!

You may want to try disabling Apple ID setup during login (using the login window payload of a configuration profile). Or Rich Trouton also has a script that may help you out.