Enable/Show Dictation in ios

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We have a group of kids that really need dictation enabled on the ipad keyboard. Anyone have a suggestion to show the option under keyboard to enable that?


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Somewhere somehow, when I blocked Siri, this nuked the microphone across all the apps. I'd love a solution for this as well without enabling Siri on 3,000 iPads at once in an elementary school setting. Help anyone?

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Experiencing similar issue with dictation.


If there's something else going on, maybe a little more clarification could help? EDIT: just found out - Jamf 9.98 and iOS 10.3 update will allow this to work. So as long as you have both updated, having Siri disabled in your configuration profile will no longer also disable dictation.

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Something changed in iOS 11 - the microphone has disappeared from the keyboard when we have Siri disabled and Allow dictation on in our restrictions.

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Has anyone found a solution to this yet?

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Dictation wouldn't work in Apple Clips and when I enabled Siri, it worked.

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Is this still an issue? We have Siri disabled but dictation supposedly enabled, but the microphone icon isn't showing up on the keyboard.

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Hello all! I finally found the solution. Go into your child’s settings - screen time - content & privacy restrictions - allowed apps - Siri & dictation (make sure the toggle is switched to green). Once you switch it on, restart your child’s iPad and the dictation option should now be enabled. It took my forever to figure it out but I finally got it working! Hope this helps everyone.