Endgame Deployment on Catalina

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Has anyone had luck with deploying Endgame sensors to Macs running Catalina through JAMF? I've been struggling with creating the package through Composer and wondered if anyone has had success with it.


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I am unfamiliar with the software. Can describe the process for getting it installed on your machine?

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Does the vendor supply an official installer package? I typically do not repackage security tools

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We have a package built from Composer (was done prior to my arrival on the team). The issue I have is that it creates a directory for the person who built the package (now no longer with the team), and we would prefer this not to happen. Here is what we have as the process if we do it manually:

chmod +x SensorInstaller-LAD-MAC-OS-Detect-3.55.1

sudo ./SensorInstaller-LAD-MAC-OS-Detect-3.55.1 -c SensorInstaller-LAD-MAC-OS-Detect-3.55.1.cfg -k Key -d false -l install.log

I would prefer just to run it like this, as once it install it looks like from the Endgame Management Console I can push update from there. We do have an approved KEXT Configuration. Would prefer not to use Composer because it picks-up the creators directory info and creates it on to the machine the package is being installed on.