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Does anyone else think it'd be a good idea for Casper to have a checkbox to
reset the printing system? I'm working on a script to do the same thing, but
it'd be great to have the option of removing ALL the client's printers
before pushing out a new set. It'd be great if it did the same thing as when
you do the "reset printing system" from the Print Setup Util.

Reseting seems like the best way to avoid duplicate/dead printers on the
client systems.

Anyone else think that's a good idea?
-- David Norris
Systems Administrator
Crispin Porter + Bogusky
dnorris at cpbgroup.com


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While we are on the feature request topic, I have one.

The ability to view Policies associated with a Computer or Smart Group.
It would be nice to have another section in Computer Details called
Policies that would list what policies would be applied to that computer
(scoped directly to the computer or through group membership). And on
the same note, a link from the Smart Group list to view Associated
Policies that lists what policies are linked to that group. This would
make it much easier to determine what is running on a computer/group
rather than checking all policy scopes.

And if I missed this somewhere in the existing UI let me know. Thanks

P.S. This is sent to the list just for FYI purposes.

~ Ryan Panning

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something I miss from LANrev, and maybe its there and I just don't know where it is…
the ability to run a unix command/script and get all the output in one window.
I.e. ps –ef |grep jamf
to see how many machines have hung jamf processes, or jamfHelper running that my stupid kill script didn’t kill properly.

by the way I created a kill full screen script that loops until the full screen message actually dies and it has the System Events kill in it so that the mouse doesn’t do the stuck control button thing, its attached if anybody wants it…


I second this , I really really want this as it takes ages to scroll and then when you save it returns you to the top

Criss Myers