FileVault login and account password out of Sync

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Maybe stupid question but I did not really found something on the web.

We have a little problem from time to time with Account passwords.
Some users that uses there AD account face some problems from time to time that there own password get not synchronised with the FileVault 2 login screen password.

This password is still the old. In most cases where this happen the account password has been rested due different reasons or has been changed outside of OS X (like on a Windows machine).
Even a reboot did not help.

Is there anything that we can do to get the passwords back into sync?

Thanks for your help.


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Seems like it took about 24 hours to sync but, this morning the customer confirmed that the steps we followed in @joshuaaclark's post above from 5/20/2020 did ultimately work. Patience is a virtue, I guess! Thanks to all who replied so quickly, it is much appreciated. I feel like this would be really slick in a script from someone who has a talent for that - not my wheelhouse, unfortunately.