FileVault login lag

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We received a few MacBook Pro's with the TouchBar running Sierra 10.12.1 (upgraded them to 10.12.2) and noticed when we have 2 users enabled with FileVault, the FileVault login screen is lagging and keyboard functionality is lost after clicking the users account icon. This behavior is happening to out-of-the-box machines with local accounts created (not how we normally deploy, but wanted to test this scenario). When I remove the second users account, there is no issue.

We have a support ticket opened with Apple, but curious if anyone else is seeing this issue?


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I've seen that very intermittently on one of our touch bar MBPros. I haven't been able to pin down why it's happening, or why it's just the one machine so far.

Strangely, I also recall the same thing happening back in the days of Yosemite, on prior models of Mac; I don't recall seeing it since then, though.

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I just noticed this on a MacBook pro 13,2. I occasionally see it and have to a hard restart in order to unlock the drive.

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Ok Thanks for the info. When I hear back from Apple i'll be sure to update you guys

Thanks again.

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Yes please update us when you get any information (though I imagine they'll tell us to wait for 10.12.3 to be released).

We observed this exact issue on a MacBook Pro (MacBookPro13,3) running macOS Sierra 10.12.2. We can confirm that it is not Sierra itself, since we have enabled FileVault on other Mac laptop models running the same OS version. Something with Sierra only when it is running on these new Pro MacBooks.

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We were having issues with this, and post hibernation crashes. We removed JSS from the client, and both issues went away. We have a ticket open with Jamf, and we're hoping to get this resolved as we're looking at refreshing several machines, but have paused due to the observed instability.