firefox 5.0

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When I drag FireFox 5.0 into Casper Admin it think's it is a script......anyone else getting this? Running Casper 8.0 here



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Added it on Friday. No problems.


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the DMG or .app?

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When I drag FireFox 5.0 into Casper Admin it think's it is a script......anyone else getting this? Running Casper 8.0 here
On 6/27/11 3:29 PM, "Thomas Larkin" <tlarki at> wrote:


we are still on 7.3.1 and it showed up as a script as well. Normally I make a dmg in composer and make the path


I haven’t dragged the app into Casper admin without making it a dmg.


Dan De Rusha


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When I drop the .app in it thinks it is a script but in previous versions I have been able to just drop apps in Casper admin and it would recognize it as an app. I just did a quick preinstall build with composer and it remedied the problem


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Has anyone been able to manage Firefox 5's preferences through MCX or some other method?

There are some specific things we wish to ensure they are set before deploying.



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Look at universal installs for extensions and the CCK extension. It allows you to deploy certain preferences

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try the updated cck extension to set your defaults.

more general details here:

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Hi Nate,

I successfully created the new CCKwizard ,in the past I used it on Firefox
3.6 and it works wonder. But I have to copy to the whole Default Profile
setting across. I am trying to move away from that solution.

I tried the solution
/ with no result.

I copy my local user extension profile into /Library/Application
Support/Mozilla/Extensions/{ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384} and
create a new local user Test1.

Test1 user didn't pick up the defaults .

Any suggestion why ?

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