Flexera - AdminStudio Mac ?

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On the PC side we have been using Flexera's AdminStudio for years for building packages. I got an email from them this morning saying that there 2016 version was out. Started reading it over and it would seem that they are now doing Mac package building as well. It also mentions that it works with Casper. Anyone heard about this ?



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We looked at it a little closer and it doesn’t even run on a Mac. It actually lets you build
Mac packages on a PC.

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I've never looked into the software but I think Composer would be a better route to go. Especially since it's built to run on OS X.

"Publish Mac® Applications to JAMF Casper Suite and Flexera Software App Portal"

Looks like they're trying to push their own Self Service portal as well.

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I just thought it was interesting that they had added this feature. AdminStudio has been totally Windows centric for years. So to see something "Mac" in their new features list grabbed my eye. It looks like they have added this on for IT Departments that are totally Windows based but want to be able to create Mac packages. Sounds like a very odd thing to do.

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Going to revive this as I've just had contact from our SCCM team asking us to collaborate on integrating this.

@rcorbin Did you end up using this or testing it at all? Do you have any comment on your experience?

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@dfarnworth_barc we never did test it. If your IT Department was totally Windows based I could see it, but if you have anyone on Macs as I said I think it would be a vary odd thing to do. It would be just as odd for Mac IT folks to be creating Windows packages on Macs. Would Mac centric IT people even really have that expertise ? Or vice versa.

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In the next few months we are looking to implement this. I'm just now researching this to find out what the deal is with it. It sounds like the Flexera program will be able to scan all the Macs via Jamf and report back what vulnerabilities exists and provide appropriate patches for those 3rd party apps.

We've just recently started using Flexera for our Windows environment. It appears to be working as directed, though, it's still early. Flexera does create the packages for our Windows devices, which, we deploy using SCCM. It sounds like Flexera will create the packages for the Macs as well that we can deploy via JAMF. However, I'll need to test this out when the time comes.

I'm hopeful that it works and we can use one application for patch management for both environments. I'll keep you posted with what I learn.