Forced to update Student iPad


This morning while migrating a student using a Managed apple id from a broken ipad to a new iPad I was forced to update the iPad to iOS 15.0.2.  I have noticed a couple of concerning items.  Number one that some of the apps do not have the correct icon associated with them: Padlet has an icon that is white with squares and a compass looking lines on it (I will attach a screenshot).  2nd erase all content and settings is available on student iPads even though it is not allowed via our restrictions payload.  



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The issue is known by Jamf regarding the "erase all content and settings" being available.,
There is another thread ongoing about this :

It's supposedly an Apple issue with iOS 15. Its under  Jamf PI-010163

Actually this isn't' the same issue.  Sorry, I was migrating a student from one broken ipad to a new iPad with a managed apple ID and that caused this issue (the icons not showing up and some of the apps are left with clouds).  I Have used this process for over a year and had no problem until I was forced to update to iPadOS 15.0.2.  (I didn't use erase all content and settings to get here).  🙂  (although I did comment on that thread. ) 

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Yes the first two items are different for sure. But that "erase all content and settings is available on student iPads even though it is not allowed via our restrictions payload" I think is the same issue with iOS 15 and up. Or it sure sounds like it.   

Sorry its been a day  - i forgot that I added that.  I did add it to my post just to reinforce what someone else was seeing and that I was seeing as well. 🙂 Thank you for the gentle reminder. 

It has indeed been a day. 😀

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I recognize those icons as the default for when there's no valid icon to display for the app. Have you restarted the iPad to see if it corrects itself?

Good morning, I have restarted the device 3 times and a hard restart 2 times.  On every other ipad in our district those icons are fine. Some of them are the google suite.  

Have you attempted to uninstall and reinstall the apps?

Also, you said you were forced to update. Do you have other iPads on iOS 15 or is this one of your first?

We have maybe 2 others that did not have this issue that I am aware of.  This is the first that i was forced to update due to using a MAID (managed apple id) to migrate from a broken ipad to a replacement.  I have a ticket open with Jamf.  This was not one of their recommended solutions - there are also a few other oddities going on.  Reinstalling the apps is a good idea though  the student will lose data for those not cloud based. When I hear back from Jamf I will bring this up.  TY