GDPR readiness?


Has anybody at JAMF or elsewhere done any investigation into GDPR and what customers might need to think about with particular regard to their JAMF Pro installations?

Microsoft have some information here.


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Bump. It’d be great to have some official guidance from jamf on their products’ GDPR compliance.

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I had contact with somebody at JAMF, and they told me they are preparing GDPR compliance, and they don't see any show-stoppers.
They got EU-US recertified and successfully completed a SOC 2 type 2 audit.

But I didn't receive any form of DPA or other information, except for the Privacy Policy and Security Policy ( en So I hope JAMF will come up with some more information soon...

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Anyone heard anything on this lately?

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This is what I got from our Jamf Buddy:

Hi Mark, How are you? Thank you for elaborating more. I had to check internally to make sure I would be providing you with the right information. Here are the detail we are able to share in this instance and pertains to Jamf: Gap analysis was completed in August. Implementation project is in progress. Jamf re-certified with Privacy Shield on 13/10/17 (and will remain so to compliant under GDPR) You may wish to review Jamf Security information regarding privacy of Jamf Cloud and Jamf on how data is stored/accessed. I can assure you this is definitely under Jamf’s radar, any further updates will be communicated to our customers.

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