Getting fade up.

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This whole Jamf Pro thing is a gimmick. One will imagine that it will do the basic things other MDMs do like:
1 Easily promoting a user from Admin to standard and back with just a click just (Jump Cloud does that).
2 Easily deleting/remove user accounts from computers DEP enrolled or not.
3 Easily Add Users Filevaute/no FileVault.
4 Being able to be notified when a user account is locked due to failed login attempts and also to have the ability to Unlock Non-DEP enrolled systems.
5 Make Jamf remote work over the internet. ( it's long overdue)
6 have the ability to chose to make a policy run instantly instead of waiting 5mins or next check-in).
7 have the possibility to see computers that are active/not active(online) and show the time they were lastly active. ( green led for active and red for not active and with a timestamp)
8 Device life cycle

You can't keep painting a picture of being the number one MDM but yet admins using your MDMs are the most stressed amongst all admins always looking for workarounds. I feel like the is a total disconnect between you and your users, the 5th item on my list has had over 1k upvote but nothing is happening.
all those features I have listed I have seen them on other MDM namely Sophos MDM and Jump Cloud
I am here seating for hours trying to figure out how to unlock a user's account that was locked due to failed login attempts. because the user is not DEP enrolled and I don't have a second local account on the computer the is nothing I can do. but I have seen other MDM address the same issue smoothly.

Don't be the yahoo or Nokia in Apple MDMs you have the lead and you are not doing enough to keep it.