Google Safe Search on iPad

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Any way of Forcing Safe Search (and Restricted Mode) on Google Search and YouTube on iPad?

Seems the default is Safe Search OFF and on YouTube Restricted Mode is OFF.

Without individually going to each iPad and turning them ON, I would like to be able to Force them to be ON.

Don't see anyway of doing that though.


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You can do it via DNS.

This is how.

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Well… we have modified our router and now Restricted Mode is ON when using YouTube through Safari on the iPads.

BUT, when using the, Restricted Mode is still unfiltered.

Don't know if it is a terminology thing, since in the on the iPad, the setting for Restricted Mode is labeled "Strict" and not "On".


We set Safe Search and Restricted Mode settings on our Content Filter.

Then you can configure by user/group instead of device/app

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We've set Google Safe search turned on via DNS. Still, safe search brings up a lot of things students shouldn't be seeing.

One example recently: Searching "Strings" (for kite making) brought up lots of underwear. We're now looking into teaching staff and students to only use this site:

Seems to a lot more restricted.

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Hi bvondeylen
If you turn on the Content Filter restriction, with Built-in : Limit Adult Content, it will activate SafeSearch.
Only with Supervised Devices.

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But students can turn SafeSearch off. I am looking for a way to LOCK it so students cannot turn it off.

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Hi bvondeylen - a potential solution just launched Our browser fully enforce the safe search in Google search results inside our browser. It also leverage AppConfig to cully customize the experience via Jamf! With iOS 14 you can set our browser as the default browser plus it's a fully contained web filter. We have yet to find any easy to do this with YouTube (still investigating what's possible, kind of limited with Apple's web engine on iOS) - outside of toggling on Restricted Mode inside the YouTube app which is a pain as you cannot managed this.