How to Corporate Network Printers in Self Service


Hi Guys

I have a load of printers the corporate estate roughly 16 MFD/MFP that need to be added in Self Service.

As this is all fairly new to me and there was no handover, could someone please advise the steps of doing this. I have access the web configuration tool.



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Add the printers that you want to a Admin machine that you want to capture them from. I suggest being logged in as a local admin. Once the printers are added to the machine, open Casper Admin on that machine and click the Printer icon on the top tool bar. This will list all the newly added printers and allow you to select and add them to Casper.

Create a dmg of the drivers/ppd's via Composer. Drag the dmg to Casper Admin.

Now you want to log into the JSS Web interface. Create a Policy set for Self Service adding the print drivers and the printer. Create for as many printers as you need.

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You should probably read the Casper Admin Guide:

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Yep, both @Kprice and @ooshnoo have it. The nice thing is that this one will be pretty simple for you in the grand scheme of things. You'll have more specific questions soon after getting these setup. We pushed out 5ish printers in our first week with JAMF without any issue. Also, search around the forums here. There's a ton of info here!