HTTP on by default in Casper 7

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Hi all,

I thought I'd drop this out there quickly just as a note to anyone updating to Casper 7 this week.

It seems that JAMF have (possibly mistakenly) set HTTP downloads to be turned on by default in this release whether you had it switched on before or not. This can cause issues if like us you have not yet got round to indexing all your packages. Likely you will see errors along the lines of the following for PKGs

Downloading BOM for xxx.pkg... This Apple Package did not have a valid file. Assuming it is a flat file package. Downloading Installing xxx.pkg... Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Error the package path specified was invalid: '/Library/Application Support/ JAMF/Downloads/xxx.pkg'

or possibly the following for DMGs

Downloading Verifying DMG... Error: The downloaded package could not be verified.

Simple solution to fix is to go to Management -> Distribution Points in the JSS and turn of HTTP for any/all dist points that you are using.

We've already spoken to JAMF on this and they are aware of the problem and are taking steps to notify or fix.

Hope this helps anyone who has been caught out by the same problem.

-- Daniel Farnworth
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