iBeacon for classroom

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Hey all,

I need help working through the thought and implementation process of a new project I'm working on. I have a profile to start the screensaver after 20min on all my computers. People are getting upset that their presentations are getting disrupted by the screensaver kicking on. So, I would like to put a beacon into my presentation rooms and have my JSS exclude all the computers within the beacon range. Seems pretty simple.

So far, I have installed an iBeacon and added it into my JSS with its UUID. I added the new iBeacon region as an exclusion to my profile settings controlling the screen saver.

When I approach the iBeacon with my enrolled laptop. Nothing happens. Anybody have any similar and successful use cases like mine?



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I don't do this with iBeacons but I use a piece of software called Caffeine on presentation computers and let the users manually enable Caffeine if needed. It takes a tiny bit of user training but our users seem to like it.

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@blackholemac I really wish my clients were that easy. I offered up the idea of setting a "hot corner" to disable screen saver. Works great. Except that my clients forget to drag the mouse to the corner of the screen. They think that IT should come up with a better solution that requires 0 accountability for them. :)