iBeacon to remove a profile?

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Hi all,
I do not have an iBeacon to test, so wondering if there's a way before I invest...

We have some naughty kids that have a very locked down profile applied.
We have a teacher who needs the students to have normal access in her room.
Is it possible to use an iBeacon to REMOVE a profile when a device enters the beacon range?

A convoluted way might be: enter iBeacon range, which puts device in a smart group, then that group is excluded from the naughty kid profile. Leave iBeacon zone, drops from group, profile re-added. ....this seems unreliable.

More direct route?

Also, any iBeacon recommendations?


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I am curious about using iBeacons to enable cameras?
The need is to disable cameras by default but then allow iBeacons locations to lift the disable camera restrictions when a student is in the classroom.
Any suggestions?