IKEv2 VPN Config Profile w/ EAP-MSCHAPv2

New Contributor II

I have been tasked with getting the native macOS configuration to work along side our Microsoft Always On VPN. We are currently using Pulse Secure as our VPN client and we have had numerous issues in the past with it that have soured many users.

I am new to enterprise and only getting my feet wet with building configuration profiles. I am awaiting for my Windows engineer to supply me with a cert but while I awaited I wanted to finish up the payload.

When enabling EAP in the settings I get an option of either certificate OR username/password but not both. Our Windows devices use cert first and user auth after. It seems like this is possible but I am quite lost on how to achieve it. I have tried searching on a variety of forums and guides but nothing concrete yet.

I appreciate any insight you could provide. Thanks!