Inventory Display Issues with CasperSuite 9

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I just upgraded a staging server to CasperSuite 9 so that I could test it out prior to upgrading our production JSS server. Here are some of the issues I see with it. I've already spoken with my TAM and he recommended that I submit feature requests for these, but I'd first like to find out if others have had the same issues and if you were able to resolve them.

  1. Last Check-in is now displayed in 24 hour format and includes seconds. Can you revert to AM/PM and only use hours/minutes?
  2. Drive Capacity is displayed in MB. I'm really at a loss as to what would be the reason for implementing this, but is there a way to go back to using GB?
  3. "% Full" is now shown as "Boot Drive Percentage Full". I'm assuming this can be fixed if/when custom labels are brought back, but until then the width on that column is causing text wrapping everywhere else in the view.
  4. Are 2013 MacBook Airs detected? They're still showing up as "MacBookAir6,2"

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While I'm not specifically aware of the issues you listed, if they are happening in 9, then I'd agree that some of these should be put into Feature Requests to get them changed.

I can't help much with # 1, as I think JAMF would need to change that, assuming there wasn't a valid reason for that change in the first place.

For # 2, well, I can't really understand that either. In this day and age of several hundred GB drives, and some in the TB ranges, it seems crazy to list drive sizes in MBs. That's like going back to the early 90's.
All I can offer for this one is, it should be very easy to create an Extension Attribute for now to list drive sizes in the GB format. There are probably 6 different ways you can pull the information in a script, so i won't list them out here. But definitely possible and easy. You can even place the EA into the Disk section in the inventory view, so its in a logical place.

For # 3, same story. You can create your own EA to pull the information, and go one better in that you can list free disk space as opposed to % full, The Percentage full is something that I've never liked because a 95% full 1 TB drive still leaves approx. 50 GBs of free disk space, whereas a MBAir with a 128 GB SSD that is 95% full is a bit more serious. So we have an EA that lists free disk space in GBs and use that for monitoring disk usage instead.

Not sure about #4, but it I would imagine it will be addressed in the next point release. I've said this elsewhere, but I'll repeat it here. The Casper Suite, I believe, uses some internal table to translate the model identifier (MacBookAir6,2) into a more human friendly term (MacBook Air, Mid 2013) so if a translation isn't baked into the product, it seems to fall back on the actual identifier. JAMF will likely add this in on the next release along with any other new models, like the new MacBook Pro Retinas.
It would actually be pretty cool if something like this was a simple downloadable update from within the JSS, since I'm guessing they could probably make it reference s simple file if they chose to.

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Regarding #4, I noticed something strange with our 2014 Macbook Airs identifying as 2013 Macbook Airs. Looking at this article:
It looks like Apple used the same model identifier for the 2013 and 2014 macbook (MacBookAir6,2), but changed the model number (MD760xx/A versus MD760xx/B). It would seem that the JSS uses the Model Identifier to specify the model, not the Model Number, so the internal table that mm2270 mentioned seems to translate that to the 2013 model. Is there a way to have this table match on Model Number instead of Model Identifier?