iOS 9 and automatic app removal

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Hi everyone,

With iOS 9, Apple has added the option of converting unmanaged apps to managed on supervised devices without user interaction. If I understand correctly, this will mean that the following scenario will be possible and we'll be able to set our JSS so that some inappropriate apps will uninstall automatically?

  1. we add, let's say, Facebook to the list of managed apps, and since we consider it an inappropriate app, we scope it to no devices
  2. a user installs the Facebook app to a supervised device
  3. during a manual or automatic process, that app is then converted into a managed app
  4. because the scope of the app is 0, it will uninstall

The only step that is unclear is step 3, which makes me think if JSS will be able to convert the unmanaged Facebook app once it's been installed by the user AFTER we have sent out the command to turn that app from unmanaged to managed. Confusing enough? :)

So, do you think it'd be possible by this method (or something similar) to have JSS automatically remove inappropriate apps from iPads?



Hopefully that is the case! The way I manage apps right now is kinda old testament.

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I love this idea, this needs to happen.

My current solution is to have a smart group look out for iPads with certain apps then I disable the app store and other features until the app has been deleted, and I send a Web Clip which sends them to an explanation page, letting them know what to do. This sucks though because kids can download it, use it as long as they want, then delete it when they want to use their full features again.

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I hope this works, however, we could then run into the issue of having App1 purchased by us and scoped to MS students. It is not scoped to our HS students but a single HS student wants to purchase the app on his own to use and help their class work would it then be managed and removed since it's not scoped to him?

@ryan.dean We do the same thing you do but we also remove ALL apps (it just hides them so no data is lost) safari, and just about everything else we can. They can't even use the restricted app until it is removed and the iPad checks in again. It makes it more painful for the end user and usually stops it from happening again. The student does have to go to settings > general > usage to delete the app.

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@Nick_Gooch valid point...