iOS Bundle Identifiers

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I couldn't find record of the new bundle identifiers posted anywhere so I thought I'd share my findings for anyone who may need these for hiding some of the new built-in apps via the "Do Not Allow Some Apps" restriction or with the "Home Screen Layout" payload. They don't currently auto-populate in Jamf Pro when typing the app name, so just paste the new bundle ID in, save the line entry for the app, and click edit again and you will be able to add the app name.

iOS 12-15

App Name                |   Bundle ID

Activity                |
App Store               |
Apple Store             |
Apple Support           |
Books                   |
Calculator              |
Calendar                |
Camera                  |
Classroom               |
Clips                   |
Clock                   |
Compass                 |
Contacts                |
FaceTime                |
Feedback Assistant      |
Files                   |
Find My                 |
Find Friends (iOS 12)   |
Find iPhone (iOS 12)    |
Fitness                 |
Game Center             |
GarageBand              |
Health                  |
Heart Study             |
Home                    |
iCloud Drive            |
iMovie                  |
iTunes Connect          |
iTunes Store            |
iTunes U                |
Keynote                 |
Magnifier               |
Mail                    |
Maps                    |
Measure                 |
Messages                |
Music                   |
Music Memos             |
News                    |
Notes                   |
Numbers                 |
Pages                   |
Phone                   |
Photo Booth             |
Photos                  |
Playgrounds             |
Podcasts                |
Reminders               |
Remote                  |
Safari                  |
Settings                |
Shortcuts (iOS 12)      |
Shortcuts               |
Stocks                  |
Tips                    |
Translate               |
TV                      |
Videos                  |
Voice Memos             |
Wallet                  |
Watch                   |
Weather                 |
Xcode Previews          |

Revised and consolidated on 2020-11-14


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Thanks for this!

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Thanks Christopher!

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These are also important: Find My (iOS 13)
Apple Heart Study
Shortcuts (iOS 13)

Hope this helps.

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wooohooo this is awesome!!!! thanks!

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Ran into a problem with restricting apps on a device for a student who needed the accessibility feature "magnifier" was blocking all access to it if set to only allow specific apps...normally all a11y features still function. I searched everywhere trying to find a Bundle ID and nothing including the apple support site's list. Hour on the phone with Apple support and using console to try digging up this unlisted bundle id and success! Hoping he gets Apple to actually list it on their end as well but figured I would post it here as well.
If needing to use the magnifier feature located in accessibility, the Bundle ID for that "app" is:
In Jamf, adding it doesn't actually find it so you need to enter it in the first field and then again in the actual bundle field.
If you haven't tried the magnifier feature, you should check it out...extremely useful now that device cameras are getting so good.

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@maffettb nice find! I've added it as well as Xcode Previews to the list.

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Is there a new bundle identifier for News? I was able to use to block the widget from showing headlines but now the headlines are back again.

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@bfrench should work to hide/restrict the News app itself, but the widget is restricted by a separate item in the Restrictions payload, from what I've seen in past testing. Try adding this to your configuration profile and see if that helps: Restrictions > Apps > News (Include + Restrict)

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We have that restriction set and it had worked in the past to block the widget from loading headlines. Just noticed today that the headlines are back.

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Anyone have the Bundle IDs for Apple TV apps?

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Thanks. I saw that page, but find it weird that the (2) Apple TV apps Im looking for are not listed: 'Fitness' and 'Arcade'.

Hi @dstranathan, I use these two entries to hide those apps:

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hi - Do you have the bundle for Apple ID, currently i have applied settings and general, but the apple ID seems to be disabled/ greyed out, is there anyway for this to be enabled? 

I just wanted to enable iMessage, Apple ID then settings.