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Good afternoon,

I'm doing some testing on some iPads before we go 1-1 in our school. I want to place all of the stock apps in a single folder on the first page and put Self Service in the dock. The second page will have whatever apps we push out to them.

However, the TV app doesn't want to move into the folder and Self Service wont move to the dock. Any ideas?

The iPad is running 11.4 and we are running Jamf Pro 10.5

Thank you


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Any ideas?

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Hi Nicholas,

In your layout profile try adding another page eg. Page 2 then saving.

I group stock Apple items on page 1 like yourself then iLife apps on Page 2. If I don't create a blank Page 3 / 4 / 5 etc. I find apps start filing up the last page and generally not honouring the desired layout.

Hope it helps

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Hi @Bol ,

In my original configuration I do have a blank page 2. For the sake of trying, I added a blank page 3. Still the same outcome. Also, the dock Applications don't populate either. I would like Self Service down in the dock and it doesn't get moved.

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To get the TV app in a folder I scoped the Videos app ( I assumed that the app was renamed at some point.

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I just checked and our layouts are the same with two minor differences in display names;

  • @krusea is on the money : Display Name 'Videos' / Unique ID ''
  • Display Name 'Self Service Mobile' / Unique ID 'com.jamfsoftware.selfservice'

Assuming Self Service is from the app store and you aren't deploying the webclip version, maybe create a new config / layout with just Self Service to confirm nothing screwy is happening with current profile.

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Perfect - that worked


Seeing that you have the Folder labeled "do not enter". You know you an hide these Apps altogether if you so wish, right?

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@claudiogardini Interested on finding out how you do that! Is there a list of the Apple Unique ID's anywhere?

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For me it shows the Unique id for default apps for ipads but doesn't any id for apps through AVPP. Where can I get the list of unique id for those apps....Please help.

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This is the list I usually use:

App Name | Bundle ID

Activity |
App Store |
Books |
Calculator |
Calendar |
Camera |
Clips |
Clock |
Compass |
Contacts |
FaceTime |
Files |
Find Friends|
Find iPhone |
GarageBand |
Health |
Home |
iCloud Drive|
iMovie |
iTunes Store|
iTunes U |
Mail |
Maps |
Messages |
Measure |
Music |
News |
Notes |
Phone |
Photos |
Photo Booth |
Podcasts |
Reminders |
Safari |
Settings |
Shortcuts |
Stocks |
Tips |
TV |
Videos |
Voice Memos |
Wallet |
Watch |
Weather |


TV |