iPads not being picked up by proxy

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I'm currently working a job where I need to connect several iPads to a jamf pro network. These iPads are either brand new or being formatted after previous usage. There have been details given to me on how I would get them to connect to jamf but there has been an odd batch that refuses to be picked up by the network proper.

What I mean is when I input the proxy settings for the iPads, usually it would detect the jamf server and enroll into it. However I have been having an issue where it doesn't give me this at all and goes through a standard iPad set up procedure. I've formatted the iPads over and over again but results are generally the same.

Is anyone able to determine my problem?


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Since you are using a Proxy in your network environment, sounds to me it's a network related limitation that is causing the issue you faced.


You'll need to check with your network folks.