Is anyone in the Jamf pro Beta group

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is it buggy? many issues? does it mess with your production network?



I don't think these questions can be answered publicly. I would reach out to your jamf rep to get you more information. I would say in my opinion it is worth the time in being part of the feedback program. 

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Will second Gabe. Jamf Beta Testing is done behind an NDA. Please contact your Jamf Rep for more info and their personal thoughts and feedback that they may be able to share from other clients. 

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The one thing I would highlight is that beta updates are not intended to be applied in a production environment.


I find it handy to enroll in the Jamf Pro Betas for a few reasons:

  1. Gives me a glimpse of upcoming features or updates.
  2. Let's me try out the beta for myself (I don't use it for production devices).
  3. Allows me to give feedback about the beta which may influence the final release.
  4. Gives me access to the beta forum to hear other user's feedback about the issues or successes they are having.

Sometimes I don't have enough time to test the beta but at minimum having access to the beta release notes gives me advance notice of what to expect in the near future.  I don't see any downside in enrolling.

As was mentioned previously it is never meant to be used with a production network.  That said, you can use tools to copy elements of your production network to the beta network that will allow you to do testing that more closely mirrors your production network.

If that doesn't fully answer your questions, maybe provide more insight into why you are asking.