Is it possible to prevent iOS 12 update - Jamf 10.4.1

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Simple question. Is it or is it not possible? If it is, is it possible in a easy way?

I know this kind of questions is floating around but I get kind of lost when I'm following the threads as I'm kind of new with Jamf. I've taken over I already installed and configured Jamf system and never worked with it or any other alike systems before.


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Not sure which version of Jamf it was but you can set a config profile to defer software updates for up to 90 days. I've found that if the config profile wasn't applied during the time the update was released, the device can do the upgrade.

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Not within JAMF iirc. I'd do it at the network level and block It's been a while since I had to do it but I did it at the DNS level. Modified on our DNS to point to the loopback interface.

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Now with the 30-90 day iOs upgrade deferral option, there is another address you need to block (in addition to if you are going to do it at the network level: