Is there a way to do certificate based Wifi authentication for Apple TV and iOS devices?


We are going to deploy some Apple TVs and more iPads, I have been tasked with finding out if we can do certificate based Wifi authentication. I am not a network guy, I am not quite sure what to do here but from what I have been told from our network team, the devices need to be setup this way for Wifi based on the way our network authenticates. I know the iPads can use the captive portal but it would be nice if we can have them auto connect to wifi from the start. Wired is an option for the Apple TVs if we can't do this.


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We use 802.1x, WPA2 Enterprise and TLS authentication on both our iPads and AppleTVs. We use a scep certificate issued by our AD server for authentication.

Seems to work for us.

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I have not been able to get any help from our beautiful bureaucracy on this. I too am not a network guy and do not know what settings or how to make a CA that will automatically add them to wifi. This would change my "touch every one" to a more manageable task.

Part of our problem is that to connect to our wifi, users have to accept an untrusted certificate for ClearPass. This scares most users to deny or terminate connection. Any ideas on how to get around this?

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I asked JAMF support the same question about a year ago and they sent this link and it helped me to deploy our apple TV's and iPads.