JAMF company rebranding

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Hi all,


I am hoping someone can help me with a query regarding JAMF. I have been tasked with the rebranding of the company JAMF portal. We have about 500+ devices in JAMF and are going through a company name change. We want to rebrand all the current settings to the new company name, without impacting currently enrolled users.

I have never used JAMF, so I have very little knowledge of it. Is this possible? i.e changing the enrolment URL to the new company name and any other branding we might have set and not impact currently enrolled devices?


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You cannot change the Jamf Pro URL without breaking enrollments and MDM communication. Things like Self Service branding can be modified as needed but the URL is one of those things that should never change.

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You can most definitely change the URL with minimum impact to users.. Here's a discussion on the "how".. Depending on if you're in the cloud or on-prem, you would also have to create a .csr with the new url for your SSL cert(on-prem).

For Self-Service branding.. Here's documentation on how.. 

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Changing the URL is basically a new MDM server to managed devices. You will need to keep your old URL active and redirect it in DNS to your new URL.  Review the article below in relation to DNS redirect.

Migrating to Another Server - Technical Articles | Jamf

Keep the following in mind when migrating to another server:
  • To perform a migration, you must be able to point the existing internal and external DNS entries to the new host server. You can do this by changing the DNS entries or using the same IP address on the new host server.

    If you cannot change the DNS entries or use the same IP address, the Jamf Pro URL will be different, requiring you to re-enroll all mobile devices and computers. This could require physically configuring every enrolled device. If you cannot use the DNS strategy described here, contact Jamf Support for assistance.

  • The migration process may vary depending on your source and target environments, including any customizations you may have made. You may need to perform additional steps not covered in this article. In addition, Jamf Pro must be migrated properly to avoid MDM communication issues. If you need assistance, contact Jamf Support.



Self Service would just need its assets updated which is a simple task. If you have any branded imagery like wallpapers you just need to push new ones from a policy with the new branding.

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My understanding of the request was to move to a new Jamf Pro URL as part of a company rebranding.

Would this strategy (DNS redirect) work for both macOS and iOS devices? Is it as simple as then renewing the existing APNs certificate on the new server?

Perhaps I was overthinking it and looking past the obvious DNS solution.