Jamf Connect Login 1.3.0 not prompting

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Anyone else have the issue that the latest version of Jamf Connect Login doesn't prompt for the creation of a user during DEP enrollment?

Previously been using JCL 1.1.1, but wanted to check the latest version 1.3.0.


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Can you further explain what you mean by it doesn't prompt for the creation of a user? Where does it stop?
If the JCL is not starting at all, I'd suggest making sure you change the package number from 1.1.1 to 1.3.0 in the postinstall script. Also make sure the new package is executable.

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It just skips the user creation part and jumps straight to the MacOs login screen. (we skip Apple/Mac user creation; only use the JCL created user)
Since there is no user, it will show an empty login screen with only a restart and shutdown button.

To get to JCL 1.3.0 i just extracted the pkg from the package, uploaded it to Jamf and set it as package in the DEP enrollment.
Switch back to the JCL 1.1.1 and re-enrolling will prompt me for user creation.

Maybe you can update/explain me where to find the logs and how to make sure it is executable? :)